Project launching

Art Direction

Average duration : 2 to 4 weeks

We create unique experiences by generating emotions through the personality of our products. Emotional design implies creating surprising and empathic experiences to impress users. This requires creativity, empathy and a strong attention to detail. 

Prototype launch

Average duration : 4 to 9 weeks

Our team will help you bring to life a competitive product from scratch and achieve an end result that you will be proud of. Our discovery sprints identify your targeted users’ needs and assess the opportunities they represent for your market while conceiving high standards designs.

Product market fit

Average duration : 9 to 12 weeks

Engaging and retaining users has always been one of the most complicated product strategy part. Based on theoretical backgrounds (Job to be done or product-market-fit) our offer will help you build a product that fits its users needs in its competitive environment. 

Improving performance

UX/UI Audit

Average duration : 1 to 4 weeks

Our team will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product and guide you through a make-over that will enhance your users’ experience. Our recommendations are built on market standards and a competitor analysis.

Design run & delivery

Average duration : +4 weeks

We integrate a full product team to conceive your UX, improve your UI and test the product regularly. We are convinced that field observation, Dev-Ux collaboration and continuous improvement is the key to build successful products.


Average duration : +2 weeks

Our design experts will be happy to train and coach your team on various subjects : emotional design, product design, design team management, lean UX methodology, design systems. For PO, PM, CPO or fellow designers.