The 100% Disney comic book app

Unique Heritage Media
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Product design & Development

Explore an exciting new chapter in the history of Picsou Magazine from your smartphone, through an innovative reading experience that combines the magic of the Disney universe with the Webtoon format.

Unique Heritage Media is one of the leading French youth media groups. In light of this success, they aim to offer a new comic book reading experience on smartphones. They are looking to create an innovative application for its readers and fans of the Disney universe with the involvement of BAM.


From conception to design, UHM has trusted us to propose new key features for their users. Among other things, it allows the discovery of a new episode each day, and access to exclusive content every month. Users can also access their comics at any time thanks to the functionality of downloading their favorite episodes.

new episodes per month
9 weeks
to product a MVP


"Extremely efficient. The team is responsive and available despite the changing subjects. It's not rigid.”

Elsa Prieto