It’s a crush for Heali!

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Art direction/Start launch

Healico is the wound management assistant that follows nurses anywhere on their rounds. Designed in collaboration with health professionals, the application received the prestigious Galien award, which rewards innovation in health in all its forms.

Onboard the user at low cost

The product tour is a simple and low-cost development way of communicating the value of the product to its users. But statistics show that users skip this type of onboarding and the rest spend less than 3s on these screens. How can we ensure that users stay onboarded and see the value of Healico ?



Our answer is Heali : an animated mascot that grabs users' attention and makes them see the application's benefits in the first few seconds. How to resist it? Heali, an engaging personality. You can't help but be touched by its big eyes, its smile and its rounded shape: it’s called the baby-face bias. But behind this cute little genderless ball lies a trustworthy, efficient and powerful ally to face up to an often difficult daily life. Heali has been so popular that it has been taken out of the application to be used on goodies, stickers, and other media.

wound evaluations
foot saved thanks to the app
Galien award



"This product has a great potential for the year, that's what makes me proud! It's really going to change the lives of people, both for the caregiver and the patient."

Benoît Giraud - Global Brand Manager Digital Solutions