V.Hive, Bee-yond the game.

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Art Direction & Product Design

Vitality is the No.1 e-sport team in France with + 2M followers. Vitality wants to strengthen the engagement of its fanbase through a web3-based application: V.Hive!


Vitality wishes to develop a mobile fan engagement application. The main goal is to allow fans to accumulate loyalty points, which can then be used to obtain discounted merchandise or access VIP events. What sets this project apart is their intention to provide each fan with an avatar in the form of an NFT. This NFT avatar will evolve based on the number of loyalty points accumulated.


BAM's intervention had a significant impact on the development of the artistic direction of the application. BAM's intervention also established a privileged relationship with fans, thereby promoting the continuous improvement of the application by effectively responding to their expectations. This was particularly evident in the gradual guidance into the world of web 3.0, despite their initial reservations.


"Very clear on the feedback from the prediction game tests, adjustments were made proactively which is really great."

Felix Lebront - Lead Project Manager Vitality